Living Card Game Night

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Thursdays, bi-monthly, we are hosting a Living Card Game Night featuring Ashes: Rise of the Pheonixborn! We are starting with this game and will add more games as our community grows. Come be a part of the community!!

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Ashes – Learn to Play

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Ashes is a Magic: The Gathering like game, except without the strain on your wallet. Come learn to play with us on Wednesdays twice a month! With enough interest we will start tournament play!

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Kickstarter Thursdays

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Come play our favorite Kickstarter games or bring your own so we can enjoy! Thursdays will feature a different Kickstarter game each week! This week we are featuring Peasant Buffet! A press your luck card game where you play a villager in a town over-run with monsters! Will you defeat the monsters or become monster dinner?

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