About Us

GrandOpening The Game Chateau is Northeastern Pennsylvania’s only tabletop gaming cafe.  We provide a vibrant, clean and enjoyable environment where patrons can enjoy delicious food and beverages, which include locally roasted coffee and espresso or a variety of specialty iced teas, lemonades, smoothies and more! You can also become acquainted with the wide wonderful world of tabletop gaming.

Customers are encouraged to indulge in their favorite tabletop games or learn something new! Our library has over 200 games and we are constantly expanding it! The Game Chateau can provide limitless gaming possibilities.

Just think, nothing to clean up after game night, no need to give up an entire room to store your games, spend a little and get to play A LOT!

We have taken great care in choosing games that appeal to a wide audience and can transition from classics into newer designer board games. Our selection ranges from the classics like Mouse Trap and Sorry to heavier Euro-style games like Agricola and Versailles. And everything in between! We even have Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots!

We also offer a variety of made-to-order food including our signature made-from-scratch soft pretzels and flatbread pizzas!

We believe strongly in community at The Game Chateau and we aim to give back whenever possible. We offer a variety of workshops, arts and craft events at low or no cost to the community.

Come in, grab yourself a coffee and don’t forget to #keepitplayful