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The imagination and our words can sometimes prove to be our strongest weapon in a world where escape is often needed. This is true in not only the world of writing and reading but this also rings true in the world of gaming. This is why we are here. A group of people came together, some table top gamers, some writers, a common ground was found and we all decided we wanted to share our stories, together. Here you can find stories of fiction, non fiction, tales of life, and tales of gaming.

Some of the writers have chosen handles and being that you will see several works from these people , let’s give them a proper introduction (these will not be the only contributing writers on this blog however they are the main players if you will) :

Anthony : Anthony is an explosive ball of positive energy. Whether he is hunting down a fly ball in a charity kickball game or simply saying “hi”, he is a passionate exuberance that is contagious. Anthony spends his days mentoring youth and working with organizations as much as he can. You are sure to catch his smiling face through various charity and community events in the Wyoming Valley.

“The Meme Addict”: Under one of his other names Karl he is most widely known for his performance as the son on the walk………….. OK, he isn’t that Karl but he WILL delight you with his wit and dry sense of humor that will not only leave you laughing, but on the tip of your toes. Deep down his love for animals, both furry and reptilian, as well as his dedication to his lovely wife show his softer, sweeter side.

Marcie – “The Linguist” : Marcie is a wordsmith, bibliophile, and guardian of the arts. She dabbles in the written, sung and spoken word. Previously she has resided in Danville and Pittsburgh. She currently lives in Scranton, Pa with her husband, Pete and their feline family. She despises downtime and enjoys crocheting, chicken and waffles, and anything pertaining to Pittsburgh.

“The Curator”: “The Curator” they whisper in hushed tones of awe throughout the halls of the Smithsonian, humbled by her encyclopedic knowledge of Latin American history and piracy “aargh”, she responds in begrudging acknowledgement, then ” AAAAAH!” as she flees a rain of snakes.

Elle- “The Animal Lover” : Elle is a modern day artist with the flare for nostalgia. She works to create a space for gamers, artists, writers, and the like to come together. She is positivity without the pep, and sweetness with a sass. She is a unique spirit and can usually be found rescuing cats, with her cats…..cats…..getting cat tattoos, cats. She lives with her husband and you guessed it, their four cats, Otis, Puglsey, Aldous, and Lana.

Al : A big fan of the Red Sox and marsupials, Al home brews and has an affinity for outdoor fires. A Kester’s regular, he also enjoys making french fries, writing kids books, and infecting others with his sonorous guffaw. He calls Luzerne, Pa home. but his heart is in Happy Valley.

“Tales From Under The Afghan” : As she sits by candlelight as the sun rises in the distance, tales from under the afghan emerge as shadows on the wall. She sees beyond a smile. She sips her coffee for comfort in acknowledging truth, her advisor and comrade. The pen is her sword as she conquers the dreams and terrors of her neighbors. An afghan is more than her cloak, but an armor to brave the coming of adventures, in her head. Listen.

“The Mystic”: No one knows from where or whence she came, but it is whispered among the indigenous peoples of the Luzerne County that she swirled in existence sometime before the creation of the mobile phone and after the invention of chicken tendies. When not gathering secrets and inspiration, she enjoys making jewelry from the bones of her enemies, painting portraits of animals, and getting into heated debates on social media. Currently she resides in the hinterlands of Penn’s Woods, determined to forge an alliance between the Larksville Whistlepig Militia and the Feral Catlords of Kunkle.

“Captain Tangent”: When he is not out on his intergalactic bounty hunting assignments, he composes wild missives about – Hey Wait! Speaking of wild, I have this idea about badgers….OOOOhhhhhh, and then there was the time, I tried to collect a bounty on a three-assed Space Badger.

LMH – LMH is returning to writing creatively after having focused on teaching academic and analytical writing far too long. She is passionate about fashion, design, and theater, and sometimes combines these passions as a costumer, actress, or director. She despises writing bios, whether it be for theater programs or blogs.

Alexander M – Not to be mistaken with Al or the other Alex, Alexander spends his time waiting to be recruited to defend the star league against Xur and the Kodan Armada. In the meantime, he enjoys sleeping, playing video games, sleeping some more, reading, eating, painting miniatures, and sleeping again.


Look for works from these amazing people as well as others soon!