Board Games!

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Looking to play some board games and meet some friendly folks who also love board games?? Well then this is the event for you!

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Boardgame Night!

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Learn and play so many fun games with us! This board game event is hosted by our awesome friend Erica! It will run bi-monthly on Thursdays! Meet new people and make new friends!!

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Featured Game: Viticulture

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Viticulture is all about wine. In this game you play as a family owning and operating a vineyard. You will need to plant grapes, harvest, age and bottle specific wines to fulfill orders. This is a wonderfully deep game bursting with strategy. You will need to balance money, workers, planting, harvesting, crushing and aging while ensuring you have the proper equipment to complete the task.

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Lock In

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Friday August 11th The Game Chateau presents our very first super awesome, spectacular overnight. Will be playing games all night; games including  Eclipse, Scythe, Talisman, Dark Darker Darkest and many more which are typically a little more intensive on the time spectrum. Our writers group will also be telling scary stories to tell around the campfire. We will be serving up hot dogs, hamburgers and pasta salad as well as many other goodies. Message us if you are interested and we will make sure you get an invite to the event! All food and drinks will be included in the price. The price...

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Social Boardgames

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Come in Wednesday nights, meet some local gamers and learn some new games! Don’t have a group? No problem! Come game with...

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