“Recycled” by Alex M.

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Northeastern Pennsylvania has plenty of stories if you stop and listen. Growing up, I listened. When hot summer days with the relatives grew into warm summer nights, and it became too dark to look at pictures anymore, you’d start hearing the stories of the things they had seen when they were kids themselves. Looming large was the haunted house where my aunt, uncle, and several assorted cousins once lived. There were always the classics. Turning lights off only for them to mysteriously come back on. Hearing banging and inhuman noises coming from the kitchen. She’d go down the...

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“Carpe Medias” by Dan Pape

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“Carpe Medias” overrated. Nah, give me a hefty serving of the middle. That’s where the meat is at. Think about it. How about the beginning of you? I’m willing to bet you do not want to think about the actual beginning, considering your parents were, ahem. Okay. Okay. I’ll be fair. Your birth, which you don’t remember? Mine involved forceps, or so I am told, which left me with a scar by my eye and almost certainly the need for glasses. But, a memory? Nope. Let’s go even bigger. Our earth? Our universe? I mean, we were there in a foreshadowing particle sense, but who in their right mind would...

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