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A Method to Madness By:Marcie -“The Linguist “

Posted by on Oct 18, 2017 in Rolling The Dice | Comments Off on A Method to Madness By:Marcie -“The Linguist “

This writing might upset my family. I’ll apologize up front. I’m sure it will dishearten them to hear what I have to say. In 1997, I decided I couldn’t be a Methodist anymore. I had been a pretty straight-laced one, too. I mean, I had many good examples to follow. My grandparents, my parents, our youth group leaders, and Pastor Charlie who got me through my year of Confirmation classes were all good Methodists to learn from. I was convinced that they were right—and I’m still convinced that they all taught me how to strive to be the best person I should be. I still think the Methodists have...

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About Us

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This blog is meant to be different from the rest. Everyone is different and we wanted to be just as unique. How will we do that? By having a topic that will change periodically and that all of us will write about here. Check back often to see what we’re up to, and here’s hoping you can find some perspectives to identify with—Enjoy! Our first topic is:  Coming Our Stories With this topic, that was why this blog went live and was debuted on National Coming Out Day in support of all the people who come out in one way or another, and for the ones who continue to have to come out as time goes on....

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Posted by on Oct 11, 2017 in Rolling The Dice | Comments Off on Introductions

The imagination and our words can sometimes prove to be our strongest weapon in a world where escape is often needed. This is true in not only the world of writing and reading but this also rings true in the world of gaming. This is why we are here. A group of people came together, some table top gamers, some writers, a common ground was found and we all decided we wanted to share our stories, together. Here you can find stories of fiction, non fiction, tales of life, and tales of gaming. Some of the writers have chosen handles and being that you will see several works from these people ,...

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