“Spring” Written by: Alexander M.

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When spring comes, bringing with it the new life needed to fight the cold and darkness, it begins on the valley floor. It’s subtle at first, a gentle melody rather than a thunder; a trickle on a tree here, a berry on a bush there. As the warmth rises, so too comes its strength, rising to a crashing crescendo; a tide that sweeps across the mountain sides, and into my backyard.

All around, life surrounds me. The chipmunk darting through the green grass, taking refuge in the wood pile, digging its holes for home in the ground. The beauty of the fragrant flowers, their marvelous odors, their explosions of color to crack the green and grey. The birds in the trees, dancing from branch to branch, past the first sprouts of the great leaves that will torment us so come autumn. The warm spring breeze through a world that’s so vastly alive.

Standing there, as the wonder of life washes over me, flowing across the hills, over the field of my neighbor, and through the trees above my head, I feel god. Not some magic man with a beard, but the miracle around me: the exquisite energy of life manifesting creation’s complexity. Energy now echoed in my being, joy and elation spring up within me, a new hope for a new tomorrow.


by Alexander M.